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How to Maintain Asphalt Roof

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If you’re a homeowner, you probably worry about things going wrong with the major systems in your house. Whether it is the plumbing, heating, or electrical system, a responsible homeowner seriously takes routine maintenance to prevent expensive repairs and unexpected problems.  

You should also do this to your roofing system. With regular maintenance, you should expect your roof to last for many years.  

However, how can you maintain your roof, especially if it is made of asphalt? Well, don’t worry because we’re here to help.  

Aside from hiring Centennial roofing companies, here are several other tips to consider: 

Do Not Paint Shingles 

It’s tempting to change the color of your shingles to provide your roof with a new look. Paint or other treatments are sometimes applied to asphalt shingles by homeowners. Paint should never be applied to residential roofing materials. Instead, clean them often to give them a new look. If your shingles are worn to the point that you believe they require that amount of maintenance, you may need to speak with a professional about a roof replacement project. 

Do Not Walk on The Roof 

Asphalt shingles will survive longer if there is less traffic on them. Keep the number of people walking on the roof to a bare minimum, and make sure that any person climbing up on the roof to attach antennae or solar panels takes care to preserve the shingles. You’ll avoid future leaks if you can avoid installing satellite discs on the roof’s surface. 

Think About Your Gutters 

Gutter is something that every residential roofer warns homeowners about. Rainwater is diverted away from your asphalt roofing by gutters. The water runs through downspouts, which divert it away from the foundation of your home. Debris-clogged gutters and downspouts allow water to collect in the gutters or flow over the roof’s edge. This is catastrophic for the shingles on the very edge. Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year, just like tree pruning and debris removal. 

Trim the Trees 

Trimming trees not only makes your landscaping look clean and orderly, but also improves the health of your trees. Tree trimming on a regular basis keeps twigs from rubbing against asphalt shingles. Water is retained by scuffed shingles. When you prune the trees, the shingles keep drier, making mold, algae, and fungus less likely to grow. Vine and ivy should also be kept clipped back from the roof. 

Prevent Debris on the Roof 

Regardless of the season, debris will find its way on your roof. You’ll notice a lot of pine needles, fallen leaves, and branches in the fall. Your flowering trees will lose buds and petals in late spring and early summer. Throughout the year, several types of lawn debris will end up on the roof. Water cannot drain freely due to debris. At the conclusion of each season, clean the debris off your roof’s surface! 

If you think you’re having problems with your roof, make sure you contact a professional roofer for an inspection. They will evaluate your roof and look for potential issues.  

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